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Enjoy the lovely words and lyrics of traditional and classic favorite Church hymns and songs - a free, virtual online Hymnal!. Have a great time searching our extensive list of favorite online Church hymns and songs. Printable Church Hymns of praise and worship which are suitable for all Christian denominations. Catholic, Protestant, Lutheran, Anglican, Methodist, Baptist and Protestant religions and churches will find this site an excellent resource for printable favorite Church hymns and songs of praise. Download and print favorite Church hymn lyrics and words. Online Church hymns and songs including religious song lyrics and words suitable for all occasions. The following selection of Church Hymns are presented according to the important times covering major events in the Church year. Christian Church Hymns and songs celebrating religious festivals including Christmas, Easter, Feast of the Ascension, Pentecost, Epiphany, Advent, Candlemas, Holy week, Saints Days and Lent. Printable favorite online Church Hymns and songs of praise which are free and downloadable - a free, virtual online Hymnal. Inspirational, spiritual and joyful words and lyrics to Church hymns and songs. These online, free lyrics to Christian Hymns and songs can be printed and used to create a unique, personalised Hymn book. A free, virtual collection of online Hymns - a virtual, paperless Online Hymnal! This Hymns website, or Online Hymnal, contains hundreds of Church Hymns.


What is a Hymnal?
The word "Hymnal" is not a common term and many people ask the questions " What is a Hymnal - What is the meaning of the word Hymnal?" Definition of Hymnal - A Hymnal is a collection of Church Hymns. The word Hymnal is derived from the Middle English hymnale and from Medieval Latin word hymnus.

A virtual, paperless Online Hymnal!
For centuries a collection of church hymns could only be found in a Church Hymn Book but with the development of technology and access to the Internet, or the World Wide Web (www), it became possible to create a virtual Hymn Book, or Hymnal. A free, virtual collection of online Hymns - a virtual, paperless Online Hymnal! This Hymns website, or Online Hymnal, contains hundreds of Church Hymns.

Church Hymns - An Online Hymnal
The following selection of Church Hymns are presented according to the important times covering major events in the Church year - Advent Hymns, Hymns for Lent, Christmas Hymns,, New Years Eve, New Years Day Hymns, Easter, Epiphany Hymns, Ash Wednesday Hymns, Hymns on the Passion, Holy Week, Ascension Hymns, Whitsuntide Hymns, Saints Days, Holy Communion Hymns, Holy Baptism Hymns, Confirmation Church Hymns, Holy Matrimony Church Hymns, Children's Church Hymns, Thanksgiving Church Hymns, Church Hymns In Time of War and Church Hymns for the Burial of the Dead.

Church Hymns for Morning and Mid-Day
Again The Morn Of Gladness
As The Sun Doth Daily Rise
At Thy Feet, O Christ
Awake, My Soul, And With The Sun
Awake, My Soul, Stretch Every Nerve
Behold The Morning Sun
Christ, Whose Glory Fills The Skies
Dawn Is Sprinkling In The East
Dayspring Of Eternity
Early, My God, Without Delay
Evening And Morning
Every Morning Mercies New
Father Watches Of The Night Are O’er
Father, We Praise Thee
Father, We Thank Thee
For The Deep Love That Kept Us
God Is Ever Good
God Of The Morning, At Whose Voice
Hail To The Brightness Of Zion’s Glad Morning!
Heavenly Sunlight
I Wandered In The Shades Of Night
In The Morning I Will Raise
Jesus, Holy, Undefiled
King Shall Come When Morning Dawns
Light Of The World, We Hail Thee
Lo! Golden Light Rekindles Day
Lord, In The Morning Thou Shalt Hear
Morn Of Morns, And Day Of Days
Morning Land
Morning Light Is Breaking
My Father, For Another Night
My Opening Eyes With Rapture See
New Every Morning Is The Love
Now That The Daylight Fills The Skies
Now That The Sun Is Gleaming Bright
Now, When The Dusky Shades Of Night
Now With Creation’s Morning Song
O Blest Creator Of The Light
O God Of Truth
O God, Thy World Is Sweet With Prayer
O Jesus, Lord Of Heavenly Grace
O Lord Of Life, Thy Quickening Voice
O Morning Star
O Thou Who Turnest Into Morning
Roseate Hues Of Early Dawn
Savior, When Night Involves The Skies
Still, Still With Thee
Sun Is On The Land And Sea
Sunshine In The Soul
Sweet Is The Breath Of Morning Air
Sweetly The Holy Hymn
We Lift Our Hearts To Thee
When I Awake From Slumber
When Morning Gilds The Skies
When Morning Lights The Eastern Skies
When The Mists Have Rolled Away
Winged Herald Of The Day
Church Hymns for Advent
Advent Of Our God
Arise, Sons Of The Kingdom
Arise Kingdom Is At Hand
Bride Of The Lamb
Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus
Come, Thou Precious Ransom
Creator Of The Stars Of Night
Draw Nigh To Thy Jerusalem
Fierce Was The Storm Of Wind
Great Forerunner Of The Morn
Hark! A Thrilling Voice Is Sounding
Hark Glad Sound!
Herald, In The Wilderness
High Word Of God
Honor And Glory
How Cheering Is The Christian’s Hope
Jerusalem, Lift Up Thy Voice
Lift Up Your Heads, Rejoice
Light Of Those Whose Dreary Dwelling
Lo! From The Desert Homes
O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
O Heavenly Word
O Son Of God, We Wait For Thee
On Jordan’s Banks The Baptist’s Cry
Once He Came In Blessing
Prepare Thy Way, O Zion!
There’s A Voice
Veiled In Darkness Judah Lay
Watchman, Tell Us Of The Night
When Came In Flesh
When Shades Of Night
Wingèd Herald Of The Day
Ye Sons Of Men, Oh, Hearken

Church Hymns for Christmas

Church Hymns for New Year's Eve and Day
Across The Sky The Shades Of Night
Another Year Completed
Another Year Is Dawning
Come, Let Us Anew Our Journey Pursue
Father, Let Me Dedicate
Father Of Mercies! God Of Love!
Few More Years Shall Roll
For Thy Mercy And Thy Grace
From Glory Unto Glory
Glory To God In The Highest
Great God, We Sing Your Mighty Hand
Hark! How Time’s Wide Sounding Bell
Help Us, O Lord!
I’ll Count My Blessings
Now Let Us Come Before Him
O Lord, Our Father, Thanks To Thee
Oh, Rejoice, Ye Christians, Loudly
Old Year Now Hath Passed Away
Our Festive Song
Our God, Our Help In Ages Past
Ring Out The Old, Ring In The New
See, Another Year Is Gone
Sing To The Great Jehovah’s Praise
Standing At The Portal
Thou Who Roll’st The Year Around
Time, By Moments, Steals Away
Time, With An Unwearied Hand
To God The Anthem Raising
While With Ceaseless Course The Sun
Year Is Gone, Beyond Recall
Year Of Precious Blessings

Church Hymns for Epiphany
As with gladness men of old
Bethlehem, of noblest cities
Brightest and best of the sons of the morning
Hail, Thou source of every Blessing
In stature grows the Heavenly Child
Not by Thy Mighty Hand
O thou, who by a star didst guide
One with God the Father
Songs of Thankfulness and Praise
The people that in darkness sat
What star is this, with beams so bright
Fierce Was The Storm Of Wind
Church Hymns for Lent
Awhile In Spirit, Lord, To Thee
By Precepts Taught Of Ages Past
Christian, Dost Thou See Them?
Fain Would I, Lord Of Grace
Fast, As Taught By Holy Lore
Father Most High, Be With Us
Father, Whose Love We Have Wronged
Forty Days And Forty Nights
Glory Of These Forty Days
Good It Is To Keep The Fast
Heavenly Father, Bless Me Now
Jesu, Our Lenten Fast Of Thee
Jesus, Grant That Balm And Healing
Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley
Lo! Now Is Our Accepted Day
Lo! Now The Time Accepted Peals
Lord, In This Thy Mercy’s Day
Lord Jesus Christ, My Life, My Light
Lord, Who Throughout These Forty Days
My Sins Have Taken Such A Hold On Me
Now Is The Healing Time Decreed
O Help Us Lord, Each Hour Of Need
O Jesu Christ, From Thee Began
O Kind Creator, Bow Thine Ear
O Lord, Turn Not Thy Face From Me
O Merciful Creator
O Thou Who Dost To Man Accord
Once More The Solemn Season Calls
Out Of The Depths To Thee I Cry
Righteous Father, We Have Wronged Thee
Searcher Of Hearts
Soul Of Jesus, Make Me Whole
Sweet Savior! In Thy Pitying Grace
To My Humble Supplication
When At Thy Footstool, Lord, I Bend
When O’er My Sins I Sorrow

Church Hymns for Confirmation
Blessèd Savior, Who Hast Taught Me
Behold us, Lord, before thee met
Holy Spirit, Lord of love
Fain would I, Lord of Grace
My God, accept my heart this day
Our Lord And God, Oh, Bless This Day
Thine for ever!

Church Hymns for Easter

Church Hymns for Holy Matrimony

Church Hymns for Burial

Church Hymns for Ascension
Hail, Festal day
Hail the day that sees Him rise
He is Gone
Lift up your heads, Eternal Gates
O Christ, who hast prepared a place
O Savior, who for man hast trod
See the Conqueror mounts in triumph
Holy Ghost, Illuminator
The Lord Ascendeth up on High
Thou Art gone up on High

Church Hymns for Whitsuntide

Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspire
Come, Gracious Spirit, Heavenly Dove
Creator Spirit, by whose aid
Hail, Festal day
Joy because the circling year
O King enthroned on high
Spirit of God, that moved of Old
Spirit of Mercy, Truth and Love
When God of old came down from Heaven

Church Hymns for Saints' Days
Blessed Are The Sons Of God
For All The Saints
For Thy Dear Saints
Forward Through The Ages
Hark! The Sound Of Holy Voices
How Beautiful The Sight
How Blest The Man
In Christ There Is No East Or West
Jesus, Where’er Thy People Meet
King Of Saints
Let Our Choir New Anthems Raise
Let Thine Example
Now Praise We Great And Famous Men
O Happy Band Of Pilgrims
On The Good And Faithful
Palms Of Glory
Saints Of God! Their Conflict Past
Ten Thousand Time Ten Thousand
Triumphs Of The Saints
Who Shall The Lord’s Elect Condemn?
Will The Circle Be Unbroken?

Church Hymns for Holy Baptism

Baptize Us Anew
Baptized Into Thy Name Most Holy
Come, Holy Spirit, Dove Divine
Dear Master, In Thy Way
Down To The Sacred Wave
Father, Son And Holy Ghost
Go Forth To Life
Gracious Savior, Gentle Shepherd
Grant To This Child The Inward Grace
He That Believes And Is Baptized
In Token That Thou Shalt Not Fear
Jesus, Our Lord And King
Little Child The Savior Came
O Father, Bless The Children
O Father, Thou Who Hast Created All
O God, Great Father, Lord And King!
O Jesus Christ, Our Lord Most Dear
O Lord, While We Confess The Worth
O Thou Who In Jordan
One Sole Baptismal Sign
Rites Cannot Change The Heart
Savior, Who Thy Flock Art Feeding
See Israel’s Gentle Shepherd Stand
Son Of Man From Jordan Rose
Stand, Soldier Of The Cross
The Savior Kindly Calls
There Is A Pure And Tranquil Wave
This Child We Dedicate To Thee
Thou Hast Said, Exalted Jesus
’Tis Done! The New And Heavenly Birth
To Jordan Came Our Christ
To Thee, O God, In Heaven
’Twas The Commission Of Our Lord
We Bless The Name Of Christ
With Christ We Share A Mystic Grave
Within The Church’s Sacred Fold

Children's Hymns
All the Happy Children
Almighty Lord, With One Accord
As Each Happy Christmas
As Now Thy Children Lowly Kneel
Beautiful Witness
Behold Us, Lord, Before Thee Met
Thanks for the Bible
Bring In The Children
Can A Little Child Like Me
Can You Count The Stars?
Child And The Shepherd
Children Of Jerusalem
Children Sing
Children’s Savior
Christ, Who Once Among Us
Come Again
Come Hither, Ye Children
Come, Children, Learn To Fear The Lord
Come, Children, Raise Your Voices
Come, Sing With Holy Gladness
Do No Sinful Action
Do You Know How Many Stars?
Every Morning the Red Sun
Father, Bless Our School Today
Father, We Thank Thee
Gentle Jesus, Meek And Mild
God is Always Near Me
God is so Good
God of Our Youth
God Sees The Little Sparrow Fall
God, Our Father, Made The Daylight
God, Who Made The Earth
Hark Tramp Of Coming Legions
Have Courage To Say No!
Heav’nly Father, Send Thy Blessing
Hosanna We Sing
How Strong And Sweet My Father’s Care
How The Lord From Heaven Came
I Am Jesus’ Little Lamb
I Belong To Jesus
I Love To Hear The Story
I Love To Think That Jesus Saw
I Think, When I Read That Sweet Story
I Was Made A Christian
I’ll Be A Sunbeam
In Life’s Earnest Morning
In Our Work And In Our Play
In The Child Garden
It Fell Upon A Summer Day
It Is A Thing Most Wonderful
Jesus A Child His Work Begun
Jesus Bids Us Shine
Jesus Loves Me
Jesus Loves The Little Children
Jesus, Holy, undefiled
Jesus, Tender Shepherd, Hear Me
Jesus wants me for a sunbeam
Keep Your Colors Flying
King’s Highway
Laurels, Fresh Laurels
Lead Them To Thee
Let Little Children Come To Me
Little Children, Rise And Sing
Little Friends Of Jesus
Little Kingdom I Possess
Little Lamb, Who Made Thee?
Little Sunbeams
Lord And Savior, True And Kind
Lord Jesus, God And Man
Lord, I Would Own Thy Tender Care
Lord, When We Have Not Any Light
Members Of Christ are we
Mighty Army of the Young
My Father, Hear my Prayer
None is Like God
O Brother, Life’s Journey Beginning
O Happy Is The Man
O Jesus, Once A Nazareth Boy
O Lord Holy Innocents
On A Christmas Morning
Our Festive Song
Our God Of Love, Who Reigns Above
Praise Him, All Ye Little Children
Praying Always
Savior, While My Heart Is Tender
Shining For Jesus
Sing Once More Of Jesus
Sing To The Lord The Children’s Hymn
Sleep, Baby, Sleep
The Happy Children
There Came A Little Child To Earth
There Were Twelve Disciples
There’s A Friend For Little Children
Thy Little Ones, Dear Lord, Are We
Tried And True
Up In Heaven
Waken! Christian Children
We All Can Do Something For Jesus
We Are But A Band Of Children
We Are But Little Children Weak
We Come In Childhood’s Joyfulness
We Will Follow Jesus
When He Cometh
When Mothers Of Salem
Wide, Wide As The Ocean
Wilt Thou Hear The Voice Of Praise?
Wise May Bring Their Learning


The Most Popular Church Hymns and Church Songs in the Online Hymnal
The top 5 most popular Church hymns & the top 5 most popular carols of all time are:
Most Popular Church HymnsMost Popular Christmas Carols

Amazing Grace
Ave Maria
Holy, Holy, Holy
The Battle Hymn of the Republic


Joy to the World
Silent Night
O Holy Night
The First Noel
Hark the Herald Angels Sing



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